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fitzgerald, thank you. >>> today, snow is the very first test for pepco since last winter's storm caused big problems for the utility company. sherry. >>> and, shape, if you're one of the -- shawn, if you're one of the people with the lights on, pepco may pass and thousands are still in the dark, despite pepco out cutting trees all day long. just how pepco's doing in the first snow is coming up. college the snow begins to come down outside, it's hard to forget the misery that many of us felt during the power outages and the massive snowstorms last winter and one year later, pepco is hoping to prevent a repeat performance by cutting trees from the power lines out there and sherri ly caught up with tree crews today and is live with more. >> reporter: they're out there even in the snow cutting the trees, huh? >> reporter: they are and that did not keep the lights on. today was a cold and dark reminder for a lot of people in montgomery county of last year earworms and a half an hour ago, 2600 people were without power and that is now down to 55 and this is one of the areas that had problems last
. pepco, he said, told him they would show up at 2:00 in the afternoon. in the meantime, small fires started arnd his house. the fire depament put out what they cou but then he says by the time pepco didhow up at 2:00 it was simplytoo late. >> pepco showed up at 2:00, 2:00. they started working on the wires. the fi department left. i went in the house, smoke everywre. pepco claims they shut off the power, but i don't know. i don't know. it's a coincidence that it all started again. nonetheless,the wires were borng at 11:00,12:00, 1:00, 2:00. my house burned down today because of pepco. >> reporter: foss for pepco's response, thedidn't have much to say other than the department is investigating what happened here. pepco is as well investigating what happened here. as soon as posble the resul are complete they will know more. >> thanks kim berry. >>> gorge mason school is still considere a commuter school. th title could be wiped away ne month when they reclassify as primarily residential. that's a big deal where th believe the public perception is just plain wro. the new change in sta
started late sunday night. it did not spread for any neighbors apartments. >>> pepco says it is not sure yet if the wind led for a house fire in northwest washington. the home owner is blaming pepco claiming the power company ignored call for help for several hours. this fire broke out along manning place and macarthur boulevard yesterday. the home owner says he called pepco and the fire department but only the fire department showed up. almost four hours later, the pepco crew arrived and he noticed smoke inside the home and called 911 again. >> my house burned down because of pepco. that is what i think. >> when this guy says it is pepco's fault that his house caught fire, what do you say to that? >> there is a very harsh statement to say which is why we're going to get all the facts. once with you get all the facts, then the home owner and the public will have all the answers. >> here what is pepco did say. it says its crews were extremely busy responding to weather-related calls. the spokesman, clay anderson, says he cannot say whether the huge volume of calls played a wroal in -- pl
pepco is to blame. the mountain to climb a.m. -- the homeowner says pepco is to blame. he heard what sounded like a firecracker in the rush. he called pepco. >> they finally showed up. >> far officials say the far as electrical, but that it is too early to assess blame. pepco is also investigating. >>> a 25-year-old named gabriel 's jaguars was hit and then he fired 13 shots at a truck. the two men are charged each with attempted murder. >>> a washington redskins player was charged with drunk drivers, hours after his nfl debut. joe joseph was arrested or early monday morning after officers responded to a crash. he was released on his own recognizance. the game against the jacksonville was its first as an active member of an nfl roster. >>> bad news for drivers. gas prices are up again. one industry insider says they could be on the road to record levels. brianne carter is live in arlington with those details. >> good morning. a lot of us remember the days when it used to cost about a dollar for a gallon of gas. maybe $20 or $30 to fill up the tank. those days are long gone. at this g
the last two years. a compromise could be worked out this week. thathere's a new report takes aim at pepco reliability. we will have a live report. >> the redskins and limped away from the meadowlands. and one player did not even get a chance to suit upp. and one player did not even get a chance to suit upp. >>> we are at williams high school where we are training future hairstylist. ? good morning, washington. go tigers! >> oxycontin on this monday morning. welcome back. it's cold, feels like mid winter. 28 in leesburg, 529 in frederick. 27 in la plata. culpeper at the freezing point. 29 in winchester. for the most part we are in the upper 20's. when we factored in the wind, it is a lot colder. widespread windchills in the teens. 18 in berryville. 21 in la plata. you will notice the until even this afternoon. gusts of 40 miles an hour. air temperatures in the mid to upper 30's this afternoon with windchills in the 20's. partly cloudy conditions. cold and biti tonight in the 20's. tomorrow will be like today. we cannot rule out a few isolated snow flurries especially north and west of the
. pepco was investigating also, but a spokesperson refused to answer our questions about the concerns of the home owner. back to you. >> thank you. >>> fairfax county police are looking for someone who attacked a pedestrian early monday morning. the man was found in critical condition on the nutley street ramp to interstate 66. police believe the man was a salted -- assaulted. >>> in prince william county, dean allegedly shot his wife elizabeth and their children, teenagers. they were killed in february of last year. the children spotter is expected to be in the courtroom today. >>> four-o'clock 37 on this tuesday morning. -- 4:37. >> amazon as a controversial christmas return policy. >> and the sunday blizzards >>> the boy tuesday morning, welcome back. i'm adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. it is a cold start. 23 degrees in stephen city. 28 in a triangle. when you factor in the wind, it feels like the teens. there's not much cloud cover. there's always a disturbance that could throw us a few thin clouds later today. gusty today, up to about 25 miles an hour. high t
. >>> a home own are is blaming pepco for not acting quickly enough in a fire. d.c. fire officials say the fire at the home on manning place was electrical and accidental. nobody was hurt. we don't know whether a large volume of calls coming in yesterday may have played a role. >>> joe joseph was arrested for dui. he was taken into custody in loudoun county yesterday morning. he is new to the redskins team. so far the team hasn't commented. >>> airport and road crews along the east coast are digging out from inches of snow. before a report. >> reporter: winter weather slamming the northeast with more than 2 feet of snow in some states. from maine to the carolinas frosty flakes and whipping wind making for one giant headache. >> we're in limbo. i'm aggravated. >> reporter: thousands of passengers can only wait as crews work to plow runways and de-ice planes. >> the flight has been canceled but we're hoping to maybe get onto another back to toronto but it doesn't look good. >> reporter: there is hope that frozen airports will slowly begin to move again. >> i haven't seen many employees walking ar
have not released the man's name. >>> a homeowner is blaming pepco for the fire that damaged his house on manning place. lou constantino says he called pepco after the power went out and they said they would be there by 2:00 p.m.. after discovering a down wired he called 911 and pepco for a second time. >> if i told them my house was on fire, and they said they would be out there before two o'clock p.m.. >> he says soon after a crew a ride snow -- smoke erupted. there was considerable damage and firefighters say the cause was electrical. pepco says they are investigating. a washington redskins player is charged with drunken driving after his debut. joe joseph was arrested in loudoun county. he was eventually released. sunday's game was his first as a member of the active roster. coach mike shanahan says he will not comment on the players' status. >>> we have a frightening warning coming from oil industry insiders would gases' -- with gas prices going as high as $5 per gallon. brianne carter has the latest. >> here, in the immediate arlington area, gas is anywhere from $3 and $3.15. one
, go to >>> pepco says it will take full responsibility if it is found negligent in a d.c. house fire. one man says the utility is to blame for the damage to his home. he said you heard a sound before the power went out. he called pepco, but his home caught fire before the crews arrived. pepco officials acknowledge that the fire was electrical in nature. and they released a statement that if pepco is found to be responsible, we will do the right thing. >> > and to a story in india after a tear of dirt over the weekend. officials received -- a terror alert over the weekend. officials received more news that a pakistani based militant group is planning an attack this weekend. >>> senator jay rockefeller is asking the obama administration to do a better job of digging the families after the mine explosion. he said they have not heard anything since september. 29 miners died in the explosion in april. the administration said they will meet with the families after the holidays. >>> new york democrat charlie rangel set up a defense fund for those who wish to help them pay for
by a downed power line. tonight the homeowner is blaming pepco for not acting quickly enough. >>> the northeast tonight digging out from the snow. thousands of holiday travelers still stranded, some of them for days. >> we dodged that snowstorm. instead we're dealing with bone chilling wind, some gusts clocking in around 50 miles per hour. thanks for joining us. i'm brian bolter. >> and i'm laura evans. we are still dealing with gusts topping 50 miles per hour,ed wind chill plunging into the teens tonight. fox 5's sue palka starts us off in the weather center. >> i'm sure a lot of people are grateful we missed out on the snow, but the same storm that produced that crippling snowstorm for places like ocean city, boston, new york, philadelphia and central new york is producing our winds tonight. the wind advisory canceled at 9:00, but we're still seeing some pretty strong winds out there, 30-mile an hour gusts still being reported at reagan down from their high of 53 miles per hour earlier today. we're still picking up a couple 30 miles an hour. when you combine that with a te
for driving in the snow and ice, also pepco working to keep the lights on for you all ahead at 10:30. >>> if you usually roush make your morning metro train, you might -- rush to make your morning metro train, you might want to rethink that plan. security will be searching passengers' bags. find out what you can expect to see next.  >>> i'm in the newsroom tonight with fox 5's bob barnard and you're working a big story about metro tonight. >> that's right. metro police have a warning tonight that riders should be ready to have their bags checked. at the dupont circle metro station riders were coming and going without the inconvenience of having their bags checked by police, that not they would have raised a stink. >> some people just got some personal stuff they don't want people just rambling around, you know, but it's for the best of everybody else. i think it's a good thing. >> reporter: metro says anything you carry onto a train or bus would be subject to their random inspections. >> i think it's perfectly fine. i think people are not to be trusted unfort
storm hits this winter and sherri ly is here with more on. this. >> reporter: pepco has a five- year plan and has a dismal record. pepco said despite improvements, it said that doesn't make the system bullet proof and if we get another major winter storm, people need to level their expectations when the wind blows and when it doesn't, her lights go out. >> and we've had three events a month. the electricity will go out anywhere from 5 minutes to two hours. for no apparent reason. >> reporter: it's a day-to-day problem for pepco. the frequency of outages is among the bottom quarter nationwide and billion half for how long the power stays out. last year, pepco customers in maryland lost power average, twice a year and lasted 3 1/2 hours. and that is clearly not acceptable and there is no denying that. >> reporter: last month, meyers began a petition and collecting signatures, demanding answers from pepco and hasn't gotten any. >> we have health and safety issues with residents of the colony who can't get in and out of their units. >> reporter: earlier, pepco announced an additional $19
were directed around it. the road is also open tonight. >>> winter is coming, do you have power? pepco is trimming trees around the electric lines before we are whacked by a big storm but that caused another big problem. bruce leshan is live with an explanation of the cur enough. >> you got it, anita. if this beautiful big sycamore, 100-year-old tree was in your front yard and pepco cut it down you would be pretty mad. but pepco says it is not doing this kind of tree clearing from its wires without permission. if that is the case, a montgomery county council member wants to know why it is putting out door hangers that suggest it will do this work without permission. >> they say, agree, we might do a complete tree removal. >> reporter: council member roger berliner is asking pepco to cut it out. >> unless we hear from you, we will proceed with our planned tree work. unless we hear from you. >> reporter: if the utility is going on people's private property and cutting down their trees without explicit permission, he says it is way out of bounds. >> so you could have a beautiful oak tree
in northwest caught fire this afternoon, but the homeowner says it could have been prevented if pepco would have just responded to his and the fire department's phone calls. fox 5's bob barnard in the newsroom now with this story. >> at issue tonight is the time it took pepco to answer a call for help. the report of a wire down near a house that was sparking outside a house that eventually caught fire. at the first signs of trouble in this house on manning place northwest this morning seven people were inside. the couple who owns the house, their twin 3-year-olds, her parents and 90-year-old grandmother. >> originally i heard sounds like a bunch of firecrackers going off. i was way up in the top room. i thought who was putting off firecrackers in december, right? >> reporter: it was a downed wire sparking flames next to the house. homeowner lou constantino said he called 911 and pep owe. the fire department showed up but -- pepco. the fire department showed up but constantino said pepco said it would be four hours. >> the fire department called and said we have an emergency and can't do any
are being used to search for more victims. >>> an upset homeowner is blaming pepco for a fire that occurred at his home yesterday on manning place in northwest washington. the homeowner said that at about 10:00 a.m. there was a popping and a boom, and then his power went out. constant tino said he turned off the breakers because the electrical box was making a strange sound and called pepco. they said a crew would be over around 2:00 p.m. when the power unexpectedly came back on, constantineo found dangling live wires. but pepco still didn't make it a priority. >> there was a brush fire there and there and i ran into the house to tell my wife what was going on and she gave me the phone and i told pepco, now the wires are on fire and my house is on fire. so they still told me they would be here at 2:00. >> constant tino called the fire department and they stayed on the scene until pepco showed up at 2:00 p.m. the home sustained smoke and fire damage. >>> d.c. investigators hope to find out what caused an apartment to go up in flames in northeast washington. this was the scene yesterday after
. that's what i think. >> pepco says it has just begun the investigation of the fire at manning place and macarthur boulevard. constantino, says his wife, twin 3-year-olds and wife's 90- year-old grandmother were all inside the house here around 10:00 this morning when the power went out, and he heard small explosions. he says when he checked -- checked out the circuit breakers in the garage and heard a nearby box buzzing he knew there was trouble and called 9-1-1 and pepco. when he looked outside, lou says he saw a wire down, and others on fire. we called pepco again, they told us -- we told them that the wires to the house were on fire, and they did not respond, other than to say they would be out before 2:00. the bushes were catching on fire. these wires were catching on fire. a consider over there almost caught on fire and they called pepco and told them it was an emergency and they still didn't come. constantino says the fire department got the wire fires under control but when pepco finally arrived around 2:00 this afternoon, he discovered smoke in the house. and was forced to c
failure. a new report examines the reliability of pepco. >> rondella. reliability of pepco. >> rondella. >>> welcome back. checking on traffic and weather. >> let's get to adam caskey to find out if it's going to be disclosed all week. >> there you have it. that's the forecast. if it's going to be blustery. in riverdale and college park, 30 degrees, and when you factor in the wind, that is when you feel the chill. it feels like 24 in spotsylvania, feels like 18 in germantown. we are dealing with the windchill to date and all the way through wednesday. high temperatures today from the mid-30s in outlying areas to near 40 degrees downtown. we will drop down to the 20's tonight. breezy and gold again tomorrow, temperature in the upper 30's. we will have a few snow flurries here and there. don't be surprised to see that west and northwest of the metro area. cold temperatures through the week. warming up by the weekend. close to average by sunday. pretty good chance of rain by sunday. >>> normal travel times. 95 between fredericksburg and baltimore. also good, 66, 70, the dulles greenway, th
. pepco is hoping to prevent a repeat performance. sherry ly caught up with some of pepco's crews. >> reporter: this is what $7 million gets. all around d.c., montgomery and prince george's county, trees are coming down. this winter, pepco's tree crews are doing the work before the snow can tax out power lines. >> i do think they've gotten the message they have to get better. it is a little late to get the message, but i'm glad they've gotten the message. >> reporter: tens of thousands of pepco customers lost power for days last year. fallen trees were the biggest problem. >> the crews are working six days a week, 10 hours a day to get this work done. >> reporter: the utility tripled the number of tree crews to cut more than 1500 miles of tree lines. >> we are in good shape. our crews are ready. our contractors are ready. whatever the snow brings us, we'll address. >> reporter: it all looked good but cutting will only get pepco so far. >> it goes much farther than that. pepco's ranking is low. >> reporter: day to day outages is the chief issue. >> they should feel very confident
with the news edge at 11:00. >>> a seemingly more compassionate response tonight from pepco about its possible role in a house fire we first told you about last night. the homeowner blames the power company for the fire saying it took hours for crews to show up after he reported a live wire down. fox 5's bob barnard in the newsroom now with the update. >> well, still no official cause of the fire and pepco is not taking blame, but is promising to make it right if their response time proves culpable. the constantino home on manning place northwest is dark and boarded up. fire damaging the two-story house, its holiday dressings in tatters. >> we're out of the house for months. it's unliveable, smoke and fire damage. there's no floor in two rooms. we're in a hotel for the holidays. >> reporter: lou constantino is heading to dinner with his family and out of town relatives who were staying at the house. >> it's my birthday. >> reporter: it's your birthday, oh, man. d.c. fire officials say it was an electrical fire, but they're not assessing blame. lou is pointing fingers at pepco claiming it took
and expected to set records. >>> and the controversy over pepco's tree trimming program is coming up. we'll be right back. >>> welcome back to 9 news now. i saw some flakes out there. my daughter says it is because she put a spoon in the freezer. have you heard this one? >> no. >> get it out. friday we had the first trace at reagan national. it wasn't considered measurable but today maybe the first measurable snow. not an inch. that's good news. that will have to wait. it is cold and windy. winter weather advisory is in affect until 9:00 this morning because in most cases it's more than a few flurries. some of you aren't seeing anything and that's good news. look at what is going on in the area. i will run through dopplers, we have at 36. it feels like 26. here we go. winds are already northwest at 17 degrees and they will continue to pick up in speed. bus stop forecast, wrap the kids up, scarfs, gloves. get them away from the rye roy a bit. it could be slick and a few locations are covered in snow. 2 mile an hour wind gists. last week we were had are having strong winds and unseasonably
. no word yet on what caused it to crack. >>> an investigation by "the washington post" is that pepco ranks near the bottom when it comes to reliability. pepco matters have often cited tree limbs as a factor in adages. most of the outages were caused by equipment failures. pepco customers have 7% more ever predict more outages than customers in other areas. >>> a very disappointing loss today " for the redskins to the new york giants. the redskins have struggled for the entire game. a lot of people hoped for better outcome today. >> before kickoff, many of the fans here were optimistic that the playoff goal was in reach, but i have time they are telling me, better luck next year. steve carter brought his family to the green turtle all decked out in redskins gear to spend their sunday afternoon rooting for the burgundy and gold, keeping playoff hopes alive. >> we all felt like we had a chance, and now we are kind of disappointed. >> fans like carter say their hometown team had a chance against the new york giants, but they noticed something was missing. >> the heart and soul is just not ther
of the least reliable utility companies in the nation, pepco is facing more criticism in a washington post column. we'll talk with the columnist in the next hour. that's all coming up in the next hour as fox 5 morning news rolls on.  >>> our facebook fan of the day is crystal spillman. she lives in berkeley springs, west virginia but said she relies on fox 5 for all of her news. to be tomorrow's fan of the day find us on facebook by searching fox 5 morning news. remember, in space between fox and the number 5. then post a comment under crystal's photo. if you're not a fan, become one. our goal is to have 10,000 by the end of the year. i'm going to put another challenge out. although who graduated hampton in the 80s, become fox 5 friends on facebook. well it's on twitter. now we're doing challenges. so you guys can come up with your own. we're also on twitter too. you can follow us by searching wttgmorningnews. >> i hope you're following us. you can get great things online like the forecast. >> you can get that online and on twitter as well. so there you go. >>> let's
the tree. pepco launches an aggressive campaign to try to keep your power on this winter. and suspicious minds. the family of a virginia fashion designer found dead in new york shares his theory on what happened to her. >>> i'm peggy fox at mary mount university in arlington where a fashion designer found dead at a famous new york hotel got her start. 33-year-old sylvie cachay was found partially clothed in an overflowing bathtub in the soho house. >> oh, my god. my baby. >> reporter: her parents who live in mclean are devastated. they are suspicious of nicholas brooks who, police have been questioning. he and sylvie cachay had dated the past few months until she recently broke up with him. >> she always wanted to help people, always. and she thought she could change him. >> reporter: do you think he did it? >> i think so, yeah. >> reporter: brooks has not been charged in sylvie cachay's death. police say her neck and collarbone had red marks by an autopsy was inconclusive. i'm bruce leshan in glen echo where pepco is in the middle of another controversy. this time over trees. pepco insi
>>> good evening. tonight in the only local news at 7:00, pepco's problems. the power company tries to hit back as once again its reliability is under fire. abortion wars revisited. the supporter and protesters cross paths outside of a late- term abortion clinic right in our neighborhood. >>> and more fire traps. after two students die in a rickety apartment fire. some worry their neighbors could be the next victims. >> the maryland state fire marshal announced today this is where the fire started that killed two young college students here. in the flue pipe that used to run through the wall here. by the time firefighters arrived, there was so much smoke and flames running up through the stairwell, which was right back there, they couldn't get up to the two students and the students could not escape. >> there are some students that are attracted to the older houses because they are cheaper and they just need to make sure they look at fire safety issues, such as do they have a sprinkler system or fire extinguishers and what is the fire alarm system in the buildings. >> look around an
there are no storms. pepco continues to be under the microscope amidnew reports the utility is among the least reliable in the country. pepco announced it's spend angadditional $190 million to improve service and now that winter is almost here, pepco is not making promises. >> are we saying that there will never be another outage? we're not saying that at all. we're saying the frequency of outages will go down considerably. >> he has a five-year plan to make improvements, to pay for the plan, pepco said that rates will increase in maryland by a buck a month and the district, it will be less than a dollar. >>> it's, of course, getting cold outside. you probably have dranked -- cranked the heat. for some families, that is a luxury and a program that helps low-income households get through the winter is look at a big budget cut. melanie alnwick is here to explain. >> reporter: and this is called the low-income housing program, or lihep. the funding is now held up in this lame-duck session of congress. the senate is looking to cut the money by 35% and that means states may have to drop 2 million h
: it is a day to day problem for pepco, the frequency of outages is among the bottom quarter nationwide and bottom half for how long the power stays out. last year, pepco customers in maryland lost power on average twice a year and they lasted nearly 3.5 hours. >> it is clearly not acceptable in terms of our customers' expectations. there is no denying that. >> reporter: last month, myers began a petition collecting 124 signatures at her condo demanding answers from pepco. she hasn't gotten any. >> we have now health and safety issues with residents who can't get in and out of their units. >> reporter: earlier, pepco announced an additional $190 million in spending to improve reliability. that came of the large public outcry over massive power outages during winter snowstorms and severe thunderstorms during the summer. as winter approaches, pepco says it can't guarantee it won't happen again. >> are we saying that there will never be another outage? we are not saying that at all. but what we are saying is the frequency of outages will go down considerably. >> reporter: pepco says it has
isn'tlaming the wind for the fi, rather, pepco, who he said could have prevented th blazen the first place. kimberly suiters joins us li from northwest washington with more. what happened, kimberly. >> reporter: here here at e mcarthur an manng place. you can see the right-ha side of the home is heavily damaged. there's ill a smell of electrical re in the air. take a look at the scene yesterday. lieu constantino said he was inside with hisamily when h heard a loud popping, loud cracking sounds,aybe a line arcing. he said he called pepco at 10:00 inhe morning. healled the fire department. he said the fire department came right away, put out whatever res they could butpepco insisted they would be there at 2:00. he then noticed quite a bit of hea smoke throughout the house, called pco again. pco, he says, insisted on coming at 2:00. and pepc did show up at 2:. but by then, mr. nstantino says, it was far too late. >> pepco showed up at 2:00. 2:00. pepco claims they put out e fire but i don't know. coincidence it started ain. nonetheless, the wires were burning at11:00, 12:00, 1:00, 2:. d
in october. >>> pepco says they are not sure yet if wind led to a house fire in northwest d.c. but the home owner is blaming pepco claiming the power company ignored calls for help for hours. the home owner saw a downed require sparking flames outside of the house on manning place. he said he called pep owe and the fire department. the fire department showed up. pepco did not. he said almost four hours later, pepco finally did arrive and he noticed smoke inside the house and called 911 den. >> my house burned down because of pepco. that is what i think. >> when this guy says it is pepco's fault that his house caught fire, what do you say to that. >> that is a very harsh statement to say which is why we're going to get all the facts. once we get all the facts, then the home owner and the public will have all the answers. >> clay anderson says he cannot say if that huge volume of calls played a role in what happened on manning place. >>> virginia state police say they need your help after they found a man with life- threatening injuries dumped along interstate 66. state police found the 0-yea
from sliding on a patch of ice created by the break. >>> pepco is on the defensive once again. they are reacting to a scathing "washington post" review that says the power company is at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to reliable service. what is pepco saying now. >> reporter: managers are on camera today talking to everyone saying we admit we have made some mistakes, and we know we have a lot of work to do to improve an aging system but honestly a lot of the work has to be in the community, places like, this improving their reputation here. folks in this wet stone apartment complex in gaithersburg, they were out of power, not once, not twice but three times. >> this is my breathing machine that i use at night. >> reporter: linda's life shrine a breathing machine she sleeps at night. but whenever the power is out so is her oxygen. >> we are people freezing. we are not is a statistic and we are cold and i have a breathing machine and it doesn't make sense. >> it is very unreliable. there are times when the electricity is out for a long time. i don't believe it should be.
. >> the fire department and pepco are investigating. >>> a 25-year-old was involved in incidents. the young man fired 13 shots at the truck after the other man it's his car. he will be in court today. >>> a washington redskins player has been charged wickes dui, and arrested early monday morning after officers responded to a single car accident. joe joseph was released on his own recognizance. he's only played his first game in the nfl. >>> gas prices are up again. one industry insider says it could be on the road to record levels. brianne carter is live in arlington with details. good morning. >> good morning. remember the days when $1 would get you a gallon of gas? $20 or $30 would phillip the tank. those days are gone. the national average is $3 a gallon. that is up from the national average last week. significantly of from the national average this time last year. that number could continue climbing. the former president of shell oil says americans could soon be paying $5 a gallon by 2012, adding that supply and demand will continue to be off balance. he is criticizing the administration fo
or do you want your lights? that's the uncomfortable choice pepco seems to be offering some residents as it makes good on promises to aggressively cut away branches that threaten power lines. in glen echo, homeowners say they're actually getting door hangers with a message from pepco. it says we're going to cut down the tree in your front lawn unless you tell us we should not. the council member said preventative medicine is a good thing, but this is getting ridiculous. >> they have concluded that's a threat to their wires and therefore, if you don't get back to them, based on this document, they will deem that consent to take out your tree. >> we had 83 poles that were snapped. they didn't snap by themselves. a tree from either out of the right of way or wherever the tree came from came down on our assets. >> pepco's regional president said the company is just trying to fend off future power outages like the ones that had everybody so furious over the summer. but it won't down whole trees without getting prior permission. >>> from robbery to murder to a conviction. today is jury foun
. >>> pepco received poor marks in it latest reliability survey. according to the "washington post," pepco ranks near the bottom among utility donation wide. when it comes to reliability and equipment failures. utility company has come under fire the past year for several storm outages that left customerses inhe dark. the review also found the average pepco customer experienceded 70% more outages than customers of other big utility companies in 2009. >>> right now citizens are attending a memorial for two classmates killed in a fire. evan coalburg and alyssa salazar both died inside apapartment near campus. investigators are still trying to figure out just what started the fire. ten others in the ilding were able to escape. >>> julian assange says h does not expect a deportation case. he's accused of sexual misconduct by two wikileaks volueers. assange has not been formally charged with a crime in sweden and continues to denny wrongdoing. >> waiting for a knock on the door for deportation? >> no. the police know where he is. the swedish prosecutor knows where he is. and she. >> meanwhil wi
. >>> pepco is one of the worst power companies when it comes to reliability. that's according to an article in the "washington post." the average pepco customer experiences 70% more outages, compared to other big city utility customers. pepco says it started a program trying to improve its reliability. >>> 9 news now will make one person very happy this holiday season. we are giving an ipad away for free on facebook. just go to our wusa 9 facebook page. click on like us and sweepstakes tab to win. you have until december 16th to enter. the winners will be announced on december 20th on 9 news now at 11:00. >>> the economy is making it rough for the holiday season for a lot of families in our area. 9 news now is proud to be teaming up with the marine corps reserves this year for toy drive 9. drop off a new, unwrapped toy at any fire station before december 22nd. you can get more information at >>> today maryland leaders are trying to end a standoff which may threaten the future of the preakness stakes. >>> a five worlds are added to the list of american icons recognized for their c
of winner over the weekend. >> pepco is reacting to reports that the energy company is among the nation's most unreliable. a "washington post" analysis slammed the company for failures in the system, even on quiet days. today, pepco highlighted its five-year reliability plan that calls for tree trimming and equipment replacement. we will be picking up some costs. in maryland it will amount to $1 each month and if you live in the district you will be paying less than one additional dollar on your bill. >> in order to get the work done, i think maybe if there is an increase, that we have to pay it will be done. >> what about our salaries? they are not increasing. >> reporter: pepco delivers power to $778,000 customers in the district and parts of maryland. >>> 53 is the number of people -- 532 is the number of people brought down by operation broken trust. it is an investment fraud crackdown and the amount in losses is staggering. >> reporter: the cases in the operation involve a variety of different investment fraud schemes that have led to more than $8.3 billion in losses in just the cr
morale within the police department. >>> well, you've been complaining for months now, and it seems pepco is listening. there's just one problem, though. the plan to keep your power on will drain more from your wallet. the pepco president joins us live to answer tough questions next.  >> power outages when there aren't even storms. pepco coming under fire after a new report ranks it among the worst utilities in the nation when it comes to reliability. pepco has a five-year plan to make improvements. part of that plan is to raise your rates. $1 for customers in maryland, less than a buck in dc. pepco's regional president thomas graham joins us. mr. graham, thank you for your time. you're in the bottom 25% of utilities in the country, and your plan is to raise rates. i don't know a public relations person in the world that would say that sounds like a great idea. >> actually, our plan is to improve reliability for our customers. >> with a cost to the customer. >> there is a cost but we've made improvements to improve reliability to our customers and we think
.c. family out into the cold this holiday season. pepco is promising to do all that it can if the utility's response time did in fact contribute to the fire at the home. the family is pointing the funger at pepco claiming it took crews four hours to show autopsy after they called to report sparks from a downed wire outside the home. >> i would like to know what constitutes an emergency at pepco, a home owner that their house is on fire doesn't constitute an emergency. the fire department calling that a home is on fire doesn't constitute an emergency. i'm just amazed. >> pepco says monday was a busy day responding to wind-related calls for service. investigators have ruled it an accidental electrical fire but have not determined how or where it started. >>> the redskins have broken their silence about the dui arrest of defensive lineman joe joseph. the team release a statement saying joseph had expressed remorse for his arrest and the embarrassment it caused the family and the team. loudoun county deputies arrested him after he was involved in a single car accident. >>> when we come back,
and the branches. we called pepco and told the this happened and they told us, you know, they'll get somebody out by 2:00. >> reporter: worried about the winds fanning the flame, the fire departnt stayed on the scene and waiting with the family, and waitedand, waited >> showed up at 2:00. 2:00. they started working on the wires, the fi department left. i went in the house. smoke. everywhere. pepco claims that they shut off the pow but i don't know. i don't know. very much a coincidence it started again. nonetheless, the fire, t wires were buing. you know? 1:00, 12:00, 1:00, 2:00. took them that lo to get here. my house burned down today because pco. >> reporter: pepco released a brief statement saying that the fire departmenand utility are investigatin invtigating. when we asked them telaborate about the high win conditions, emergency protocol, ting four hours to ge to thisarticular call, they stood by the orinal statement. reportg in northwest, kimberly suiters, news4. >>> minnota and philadelphia will play tonight t the big snowstorm caused havoc on the east coast but pennsylvania governor ed
is blaming pepco claiming the power company ignored calls for help for hours. it happen add long manning place and mcarthur boulevard yesterday. the homeowner said he saw a downed wire sparking flames outside of the house. he called pepco and the fire department and only the fire department showed up. and four hours later when a pepco crew arrived he noticed smoke in the house and called 911 again. >> my house burned down because of pepco. that's what i think. >> when this guy said it's pepco's fault that his house caught fire, what do you say to that? >> that's a harsh statement which is why we're going to get all of the facts then the homeowner and the public will have the answers. >> pepco said the crews were busy responding to calls. and the spokesperson clay anderson said they could not know whether the huge volume of calls took part. >>> and a fire that killed a woman that broke out at 17th and s. streets in northwest yesterday. firefighters had trouble getting into the second floor apartment building because it was cluttered. inside they found a woman but she did not make it. no o
. >>> pepco has canceled a morning news conference to address a washington post reports that ranks the company near the bottom. most of the shortages were caused by -- failures, but pepco managers have often blamed tree limbs and storms. >>> still ahead, we'll talk about a working woman who has overcome all of the odds on hurtt pat -- her path to the stage. >> and news from the meadowlands. >> the freezing back to work forecast. >> the freezing back to work forecast. >>> happy monday morning. adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center with your cold and windy forecast. and a blustery day, like yesterday. let's look at the numbers. 32 at reagan national. 29 at quantico, off 27 at gaithersburg. at or below freezing pretty much everywhere. it feels like we are in the teens in spots due to the winds. foresthill of 16 degrees in hagerstown. views like 19 in winchester. feels like 24 downtown. partly cloudy, windy and cold, tetris in the mid to upper 30's. near 40 degrees downtown. we cannot allow a lot of you areas of snow flurries especially north of the metro area. let's go back to lisa
, claudia uceda univision si usted es cliente de pepco, pronto tendra que pagar mas por el servicio de electricidad... eso es lo que an ejecutivos de la region para ejecutar un plan que mejore el sistema y disminuir los apagones masivos que se han registrado en ultimo meses.. el plan costaria unos doscientos millones de dolares durante cinco añ segu pepco, esto significaria emaanai mantendra viva la mayor demanda por discriminacion laboral en la historia, un pleito contra wal-mart que crecio de media docena de mujeres a una querella colectiva que podria involucrar miles de millones de dolares para mas de medio mi detencion para presentarse ante la corte, se incendió.. el otro oficial tambien fue lesionado al tratar de apagar las llamas con su chaqueta.. todos estan hospitalizados.. en la "investigaciÓn en marcha" por parte del gobierno contra ese inte autorizado, perjo quese estÁ viendo todo lo que se puede hacer para tratar de frenar el o de la informaciÓn que estÁ entregando wikileaks. el secretario calificÓ las filtraciones como "arrogantes, equivocadas y para nada Útiles"
storms. pepco says it has a plan for improvement and take a wild guess how they plan to pay for it. >>> hi. this is captain valerie hugle from the combined joint task force in africa saying hi to my brother gary in alexandria virginia and his children ben, jeremy and allison and also doreen. hope you have a very happy holiday season, looking forward to seeing you sometime in 2011. i love you. ecic lightning fast. lightning strong. verizon 4g lte. rule the air on the most advanced 4g network in the world. >>> you're watching fox 5 news at 10:00. >>> down in the newsroom now talking about pepco. they held a press conference today and sherri ly was there. they were talking about their improvement plan and addressing reports they're one of the worst in the nation when it comes to reliability. >> when we talk about reliability, we're not even talking just about the major storms in winter and summer. we're talking about day to day reliability and it's a phrase i hear all the time when we talk with pepco customers. when the wind blows, my power goes out and it shows. the numbers really do
degrees on this tuesday morning. day-to-day, pepco is considering one of the least reliable power companies in the country. now the company wants customers to foot the bill for improvements by raising rates. yet the company isn't making any promises that power outages will get any better if another winter storm hits this winter. we'll take another look. >>> and no doubt you have had the heat pumping and it is cold here but parts of the area seeing some snow. fortunately not there on the 14th street bridge as folks on 395 head into the city. but we'll show you pictures you sent in next of the snow on the ground. >>> and also the latest weather and traffic coming up after the break. it's 7:11. d fphgeg [ music ] >>> there you see our camera doing a little bouncing out there because of the winds on this tuesday morning and you put that wind in there with the cold temperatures annual have to bundle up this morning. right now that temperature is very, very cold. being felt across the u.s. especially in the eastern part. a lot of areas that aren't used to the cold. in the no
is accusing pepco. he said they ignored calls for help for hours. the man said he reported a downed power line which may have sparked the fire. >> reporter: the house was not destroyed but damaged enough that lou and his family are moving out for the time being. >> well we're start rebuilding as soon as we can. >> it was not a fire, it was a smoky, smoldering type deal. >> reporter: an electrical fire according to d.c. fire officials that may have been caused by a downed fire sparking flames outside. first spotted around 10:00 a.m. after the power went out inside the house. constantineo said he called pepco and the fire department but only the fire department showed up. >> there were bushes catching on fire and a car and they called pepco and they still didn't come. >> reporter: he said around 2:00 p.m. when a pepco crew did arrive he noticed smoke inside the house and again called 911. >> e burned down because of pepco. that's why. that's what i think. >> when this guy said it's pepco's fault that his house caught fire, what do you say that? >> that's a harsh statement which is why we're goin
as well. >>> developing news. pepco unveils a plan to keep its customers power on. over the next five years, the utility company plans to spend $256 million in maryland and $318 million in d.c. and the money will be used to trim trees, restore lines, and make the system more reliable. customers complained after a summer plagued by power outages. pepco customers experienced outages 70% more frequently than customers in other large cities. >>> keeping the heat on is a big concern on a day like today, bone-chilling tetris "going green" region. adam caskey has a look at the forecast. not spending any warmer. >> definitely not. it's cooling off for the next couple days. the next couple days will be a few degrees cooler than right now. if at reagan national, 38 degrees. that is one of the warmest spots across the region. the wind is out of the west north west, sustained at 18, but gusting "nearly 40 miles an hour in many locations across the region. . why tetris are pretty cool. low to mid 30's for the most part. 34 in arlington. when you factor in the wind, it feels like the 20's outside.
. local lawmakers are upset over a new pepco plan. our partners at wtop radio reports that it will begin trimming trees on customers' property without consent from the home owner brad pepco, which has been under fire for not keeping trees trimmed, says it is sending out notices, saying that unless they request against it, they will cut trees that have the potential to damage or lawns. coming up on abc7 news at noon. , a tiny gospel singer on a mission. we will meet her and other extraordinary achievers. and word is people really love our claims service. gecko: 'specially the auto repair xpress. repairs are fast and they're guaranteed for as long as you own your car. boss: hey, that's great! is this your phone? gecko: yeah, 'course. boss: but...where do you put...i mean how do you...carry... waitress: here you go. boss: thanks! gecko: no, no i got it, sir. anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. ♪ ♪ amazing grace >> a tiny cinder with a powerful voice and even bigger message -- singer with a powerful voice and bigger message did she will be one of several
. >> a new investigation by the washington post finds at co -- pepco at the bottom among utilities. they have often cited tree limbs as a factor in outages. most of the outages were caused by equipment failure. pepco has begun a five-year reliability improvement program. they also plan to address this tomorrow morning during a news conference. lawmakers took action today, demanding a full account of missteps at arlington national cemetery. they had to come up with a plan to fix any errors that were found. investigators found hundreds of on mark and wrongly marked grave sites. visitors at the cemetery hope that this will be fixed. >> it is important that these people are put to rest properly. >> the senate wants to organize their records and have better to the occasion with veteran families. more speed cameras are up and running in our area. at least three local speed cameras are operating in laurel near school zones. drivers caught going 12 miles over the speed limit will get a ticket now. by the end of december, the cameras will issue $40 fines. it is one of the most glamorous nights of the
. it has to do with pepco. >> i feel like since it's wintertime. >> reporter: the accountant calculates candles costs weighing what he's willing to pay for a few hours of light. his building and many others are out of lights. >> masses of people ran down the street and left. >> but the parking lot wasn't working, so we had a little adventure. >> reporter: for a black out like this, one business' bad luck is another business' good luck. total black out for this restaurants. >> we have been packed tonight. we were completely packed. >> reporter: for leslie, it was sweet sales. >> i had 15 people in here because we were one of the only places open. the lights went out and the party was over. >> reporter: but not next door where patrons, that pepco's manpower will bring back -- >> those street lights. don't stop believing. >> reporter: so the power of believing did work for a while. the power came back on at 9:00, but this was a problem for just a minutes ago. it went back off again. there is a water main break on betheda avenue. crews are out here working on it. sometimes when they're work
owner was told it could not dispatch a crew to shut off the fire for four hours and pepco is investigating what happened. >> and we're gathering that and in that phase and taking the bits and pieces and we're going to put that together and we're working with d.c. fire and this is the beginning of an ongoing investigation. >> and pepco wants to make sure its customers are satisfied and once a cause is determined, it will make sure it does the right thing. >>> and look at this picture, alexandrea police need your help tracking that guy down and held up a pnc bank yesterday afternoon. >> a teller walked in and got away with cash. if youecinize him, alexand -- if you recognize him, police would want to hear from you. >>> a 89-year-old woman is overchicago a horrific beating on christmas eve and she was walking toward the store and wanted her bag but almost killed her. >> dislocated shoulder, broken arms, broken femur and broken pelvig -- pelvis, fractured thigh. lots of injuries for anyone to sustain and let alone someone who is 85 in three weeks? >> that woman's name is not r
is pretty upset. he's blaming pepco for the fire at his home yesterday. the fire happened on mannings place in northwest washington. homeowner lou constantino says around 10:00 a.m., there was popping and a boom and then the power went out. constantino said he turned off his breaks because the electrical box was making a strange sound. he called pepco who said a crew would come by 2:00 p.m. when the power unexpectedly came back on, constantino said he found dangling live wires. but pepco apparently still didn't make it a priority. >> there was a brushfire there. a brushfire there. i ran into the house. told my wife what was going on. she gave me the phone. i told pepco. now the wires are on fire and my house is on fire. so, they still told me they would be here at 2:00. >> instead, constant constantino called the fire department. they stayed on the scene until about 2:00 p.m. the home sustained smoke and fire damage. >>> ok. ready, set return. double duty anchoring this morning and your money report. >> i love your money, mike. >> i would rather have your money. >> that blinking reindeer sw
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